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Cinematronics Sundance
Reproduction Audio PCB v1.0

Cinematronics Sundance Reproduction Audio PCB v1.0


Sundance Audio PCB: $275.00
Optional Audio Harness Converter: $15.00
USA Shipping (Priority Mail with Insurance): $17.00


The Sundance Reproduction Audio PCB is a drop-in replacement for the original Sundance Audio PCB with most traces and components in the same locations as in the original board. The reproduction has the following upgrades over the original PCBs:

  1. Upgraded Resistors. All resistors are 1% tolerance (metal) rather than the 5% tolerance (carbon) used in the original boards, providing greater accuracy in the sound circuits.
  2. Socketed ICs. Sockets have been installed for all ICs for easier maintenance and troubleshooting.
  3. Added circuit protection for Amplifier. An additional .51 Ohm 5% 5W resistor and 1N4003 diode were added to each half of the Power Amp circuit in the audio boards of later games such as Armor Attack. This protection has been also added to the reproduction Sundance Audio board.
  4. Upgraded Voltage Regulation Circuits. The original Sundance voltage regulation circuits used tantalum capacitors, which were prone to failure. This circuit was upgraded by Cinematronics beginning with the Rip Off audio board, replacing each of the 3.3uf tantalum capacitors with 22uf electrolytic capacitors and a .1uf ceramic disc capacitor. The circuit was further refined in boards such as Star Castle and Armor Attack, adding four 1N4003 diodes to the circuit. The Sundance Reproduction Audio PCB v1.0 uses this final revision of the circuit.
  5. Component Labels. The reproduction board includes component values that were not labeled on the original boards.
  6. Upgraded Capacitors. The original Sundance boards used a number of tantalum capacitors in the sound circuits. By 1980, Cinematronics had phased out the use of tantalum capacitors in its audio boards replacing them with film or electrolytic capacitors.

    In the reproduction board, tantalum capacitors 1uf and above are replaced with electrolytic capacitors. In my initial experiments replacing capacitors between .1uf and 1uf with film capacitors, I found subtle changes in the sounds produced. For now, I am continuing to use tantalum parts for these two .15uf capacitors.

    Ceramic disc capacitors are replaced in most locations with multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC), which have much smaller tolerances than standard disc capacitors. I am currently installing ceramic disc capacitors at locations C25, C29 and C36 for subtle adjustments to the pings and bong sounds.

    Audio Harness Converter
  7. Audio Harness Converter. With the optional harness converter, audio PCBs with volume control on-board (such as Space Wars, Starhawk, Warrior, Sundance) can be plugged into cabinets with the volume control located in the door (Rip Off, Star Castle, Armor Attack). When installed, the volume is controlled by the potentiometer on the Sound PCB and the coin door volume control has no effect. Click here for the pinout of the converter if you have the tools and wish to build one yourself. It is also included in the Sundance Reproduction Audio PCB manual below.


Below are two videos that show testing of a reproduction Cinematronics Sundance Audio PCB. The first shows tests of the board using a breadboarded Cinematronics sound PCB tester. The second shows the audio board being controlled by the Cinematronics CPU running modified code to drive a bi-level monitor (installed in a Armor Attack cabinet). Game control was via a breadboarded control panel.

Installation Overview

The Reproduction Sundance Audio PCB is a drop-in replacement for the original Sundance Audio PCB. To install, just power off the machine and swap in the reproduction board. If installing into a cabinet with the volume control located on the coin door, install the harness converter between the board (J1) and the game's wiring harness. This connector is keyed and should only connect in the proper orientation. The ribbon cable to the Cinematronics CPU (J2) is not keyed and it is possible to insert it backwards.

Ordering Information

Availability (3/2024): Out of stock of assembled boards. More on the way!

Due to the time it takes to hand-assemble a board, the Reproduction Sundance Audio PCB is available in small quantities and limited availability. Pricing is subject to change. Please contact me to find out about current pricing, availability and to purchase a board.

Download Manual

Click here to download a pdf manual containing the information above plus revision history, board layout image and information on building an audio harness converter. (Updated June 10, 2017)

Cinematronics Sundance Reproduction Audio PCB v1.0