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Audio Harness Converter

Audio Harness Converter

The Cinematronics audio harness converter allows audio PCBs with volume control on-board (such as Space Wars, Starhawk, Warrior, Sundance) to be plugged into cabinets with the volume control located in the door (Rip Off, Star Castle, Armor Attack). When installed, the volume is controlled by the potentiometer on the sound PCB and the coin door volume control has no effect. Without this converter, -25v on pin 8 is connected through the volume control in the coin door to the game’s speaker.

You can purchase the Audio Harness Converter for $15.00. Please contact me about availability and to order. Below is the pinout for the converter if you have the tools and wish to build one yourself.

Building an Audio Harness Converter:

(1) Plug, Molex 03-09-2092
(1) Receptacle, Molex 03-09-1093
(7) Male Terminal, Molex 02-09-1119
(6) Female Terminal, Molex 02-09-2118
22 AWG Stranded Wire

To Harness
Volume off-board (coin door)

To Audio PCB
Volume on-board
Pin # Pin Gender Connection Wire Color Pin # Pin Gender Connection
1 - Volume GND N/C 1 Male  
2 Male Speaker Green 2 Female Speaker
3 - Volume   3 -  
4 Male +25v Yellow 4 Female +25v
5 Male Speaker GND Black 5 Female Speaker GND
6 Male -25v Blue 6 Female -25v
7 Male GND Black 7 Female GND
8 - Volume 8 - -25v
9 Male +5v Orange 9 Female +5v