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In Development:
Space War(s)/Barrier Reproduction Audio PCB

Space Wars Audio PCB Back

Barrier Audio PCB Front

Barrier Audio PCB Back


Cinematronics Space Wars Audio PCB: $TBD
Vectorbeam Space War Audio PCB: $TBD
Vectorbeam Barrier Audio PCB: $TBD
Optional Audio Harness Converter: $15.00
USA Shipping (Priority Mail with Insurance): $13.50


Finishing up board design. The above images are the current board layout overlaid on the (1) Back of a Space Wars audio PCB, (2) Front of a Barrier audio PCB, and (3) the back of a Barrier audio PCB.

At this point, I am planning on one board with slightly different components depending on the game. If there is enough interest, I might consider making them into separate boards with the modifications for each game in the pcb.

Please contact me with any questions or comments.

Text below is in draft form and likely to be changed.


The Space War(s)/Barrier Reproduction Audio PCB is a drop-in replacement for the original audio PCB with most traces and components in the same locations as in the original board. The reproduction has the following upgrades over the original PCBs:

  1. Upgraded Resistors. All resistors are 1% tolerance (metal) rather than the 5% tolerance (carbon) used in the original boards, providing greater accuracy in the sound circuits.
  2. Socketed ICs. Sockets have been installed for all ICs for easier maintenance and troubleshooting.
  3. Component Labels. The reproduction board includes component values that were not labeled on the original boards.

    Audio Harness Converter
  4. Audio Harness Converter. With the optional harness converter, Audio PCBs with volume control on-board (such as Space Wars, Starhawk, Warrior, Sundance) can be plugged into cabinets with the volume control located in the door (Rip Off, Star Castle, Armor Attack). When installed, the volume is controlled by the potentiometer on the Sound PCB and the coin door volume control has no effect. Click here for the pinout of the converter if you have the tools and wish to build one yourself.

Installation Overview

The Space War(s)/Barrier Reproduction Audio PCB is a drop-in replacement for the original audio PCB. Power off the machine and swap in the reproduction board. If installing into a cabinet with the volume control located on the coin door, install the harness converter between the board (J1) and the game's wiring harness. This connector is keyed and should only connect in the proper orientation. The ribbon cable to the Cinematronics CPU (J2) is not keyed and it is possible to insert it backwards.