Outerworld Arcade

In Development:
Targ Plus

Coming Soon.... an enhancement kit which adds the following features to your Targ arcade game:


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During the game's attract mode, the game displays the TARG HALL OF FAME with the top five scores- including player initials and level reached! At the end of the game each player can enter their initials into the hall of fame using the joystick. Pressing FIRE confirms the initials.


When in the freeplay mode, the "CREDITS 00" displayed on the screen is replaced with "FREEPLAY". While the game is in attract mode, pressing the 1 player button immediately starts a 1 player game and pressing the 2 player button immediately starts a two player game.


A new menu is displayed when the machine is first powered up. It contains the following items:

Start Game- Press FIRE to exit the menu and enter the attract mode of the game. If the cursor is left here for about 30 seconds, the game will automatically leave the menu and enter the attact mode.

Freeplay - Press FIRE to toggle freeplay mode on and off.

Reset High Scores - Clears the high score table. To prevent accidental erasure of high scores, FIRE, PLAYER 1 START, PLAYER 2 START and JOYSTICK UP must be pressed together to reset the high score table.

Test Sounds - Press FIRE to toggle between the following sounds: Fire, explosion, Spectar fast, Spectar slow.

Attract Mode Sounds - Turn on to hear the Spectar sounds and player ship explotion sound during the attract mode.

The Targ plus code has been added to the Targ cocktail romset as well- specify which set you need when you order. The operator menu displays UR or CT for each version.


The Targ Plus code resides in slack space on the Targ ROMs. Targ used 2k 2716 ROMs that required either +5v only (non-Texas Instruments ROMs), or +5v, -5v, +12v (Texas Instruments 2716 ROMs).

If your PCB has non-Texas Instruments Roms:
Installation of Targ Plus will require swapping three of the game's five ROMs with new ROMs.

If your PCB has Texas Instruments Roms:
Installation of Targ Plus will require replacing all five of the game's ROMs and replacing the DIP shunt at location B11 so that only +5v is distributed to the ROMs.