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No Way They're Stealing My Triangle

Rip Off is one of Cinematronics greatest games. Released in 1980, your goal is to prevent pirates from stealing your fuel canisters - represented by a group of triangles in the middle of the screen.

The game has a number of unique features. First, you have unlimited ships. You could either shoot the alien ships, or do what aliens have enjoyed doing to you in numerous other games - just smash right into them.

Additionally, you and a friend could defend at the same time. Devising team strategies to keep the game going adds a lot to the game play. Because of this, Rip Off has been called "one of the greatest cooperative games of all time".

Home Versions:

Rip Off had an offical home version released for the vector-based Vectrex system. Since the vectrex screen was vertically oriented, the game was changed from it's original horizonal aspect ratio.

Armor Attack Box - Vectrex
Intellivision Star Strike Screen