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Released by Atari in 1976, LeMans must have looked futuristic at a time when pong still ruled the arcades. LeMans further refined the early Atari CPU-less racers, Gran Trak 10 and Gran Trak 20. It was followed by the Sprint series of games (Sprint 2 and Sprint 1).

The player drives their car through 10 different increasingly difficult tracks (including 4 mystery tracks!) as quickly as possible until time runs out. If they reach a operator-set score before time runs out they can continue racing into extended play.

While it might not have the replay value of the later Sprint series of games, LeMans is still fun to play today because of the great analog feel of driving the car and excellent sound effects.

Atari Lemans Cabinet


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Atari LeMans Gameplay

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Atari Lemans PCB

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