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Vectorbeam Speed Freak ROM Modifications

Vectorbeam Speed Freak


Below are two modifications to the Speed Freak game ROMs:

  1. Two Button Gearshift Version
    The original Speed Freak code is written to use a 4-position gearshift. This modification allows two buttons to be used to change gears. The gear one input upshifts and the gear two input downshifts. At the start of the game and after a crash, gear one is automatically selected. This modification removes the test pattern code accessed by holding the start button on power up.
  2. Two Button Gearshift Version with Two Button Steering
    Speed Freak used a steering wheel to control the player's vehicle. In addition to the two button gearshift modification, this additional modification allows steering using two buttons and includes control panel mappings for Rip Off / Armor Attack control panels:
Speed Freak Rip Off & Armor Attack
Control Panel
Start 1 Player Start
Accelerator 2 Player Start
Steer Left Player 2 Left
Steer Right Player 2 Right
Upshift Player 1 Left
Downshift Player 1 Right

Installation Overview

Installation into an original Cinematronics/Vectorbeam PCB is a standard ROM swap.

Power off the machine and insert the new EPROMs maintaining the same orientation (the notch on the chip) as in the previous chips. On an 8k (2716) board replace P7, R7, T7 and U7.

Cinematronics EPROM Locations 2716

Before powering up, verify that all the chip legs are in the sockets and that all the chips are oriented correctly. Inserting an EPROM backwards and powering up the game can damage the chip.

Unplug power connection from the installed audio PCB. This modification will only support an original Speed Freak audio PCB.

Download ROMs:

Disclaimer: These programs are provided AS-IS. I will not be held responsible for any damages caused by their use.

The zip file includes the following versions:

1. For Spinner/ Steering Wheel Controls: Two button shifting controls (upshift and downshift).

2. For Rip Off / Armor Attack Control Panels: Two button shifting controls (upshift and downshift), two button steering controls, buttons remapped. The files will need to be renamed for testing in MAME using the Rip Off emulation.

See the readme.txt included in the zip file for control panel input information.

Speed Freak Modifications: Version History
Date Download Author Notes
v1.0 05/02/2020


Timothy Shiels

Initial Release