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Cinematronics Monitor Repair Log

I'm currently working on repairing a bunch of Cinematonics Monitors. After swapping chassis boards between monitors, I determined that all of my chassis boards are good except for the obviously bad #3 and #7.

Monitor #1: From Armor Attack

Tube has Star Castle burn
Status: Have image, tube image dim with brightness up all the way.
HV Unit: 90v DC and 400v DC outputs good

1/28/07 Update:
Pulled the HV unit from this monitor and installed it in #5. Plan to switch Tailgunner tube into this chassis and find a new HV unit.

Monitor #2: From Star Castle

Status: No image - HV Problem
HV Unit: 90v DC and 400v DC outputs good - no high voltage to anode?

1/28/07 Update:
Need a new HV unit for this monitor.

Monitor #3: From Tailgunner

Type: HV unit on Chassis
Status: Vertical Defection connection burned to charcoal, yoke smoked

1/28/07 Update:
Will use the tube from this monitor for Monitor #1. Will transfer the joystick wiring as well.

Monitor #4: From Rip Off

Status: No image - HV Problem
HV Unit: Dead - 90v DC output measures at around 2v DC and 400v DC measured at 0v DC. Unrepairable section of HV unit smoked - unrepairable.

1/28/07 Update:
Switched in spare HV unit. Monitor now WORKING!

Monitor #5: Spare from a parted Star Castle

Status: Have image, tube good & bright, HV issues
HV Unit: 90v DC output of HV unit starts at 100v DC when cold and when warm a few minutes later jumps to 170v DC, neon bulbs light, picture still on screen , but I lose the low intensity vectors. 400v DC output remains constant at around 410v DC. When monitor is turned off 90v output slowly returns to zero, 400 volt out drops to zero immediately. I opened the HV unit and found the unrepairable part had smoked. (I assume it is unrepairable.)

1/28/07 Update:
Switched in HV unit from monitor #1. Monitor now works!

Monitor #6: Currently installed in my Space Wars

Status: Works, picture bright & sharp, vectors shake when monitor is cold but are stable when warmed up
To Do: Sometime install a cap kit, but this monitor is the least of my worries right now.

Monitor #7: Parts Monitor

Came as a spare parts monitor when I bought three of my Cinematronics games
Status: Resistors around Deflection fried, HV anode removed from tube, Burn spot in center of tube, previous repairs to chassis board
To Do: Evaluate what of the following parts can be re-used:
Yoke - Good
DACs - unknown
LF13331- unknown
Deflection Transistors - unknown
Keltron HV Unit - Good - installed in Monitor #4