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November 22, 2007

Currently Working On:
Two Space Encounters Sound Boards.

PCB #1: Missing Enemy Shot Sound & Explosions
Replacing the LM3900 at D1 brought back the Enemy Shot Sounds.
Replacing the LM3900 at D2 brought back the Explosion Sounds.
I am now hearing some steady clicking noise that is related to the Enemy Shot sound. I may replace the LM3900 at E1 (the input to this sound) and see if this affects it. I can change the rate of the clicking by touching this output at E1 to the input of the LM3900 at D1.

PCB #2: Missing all sounds that have a noise input except the Player's shot sound which sounds like its missing its noise component. I had previously bought a replacement for the 4006 at A0, but with no change I'm thinking its the 4030 at A1, the other major component of the noise circuit.

November 16, 2007

Web Site News:
Targ pages updated! Includes a new article about the game, Dip Shunt Info, and a guide on repairing the Color Adapter PCB.

November 15, 2007

Web Site News:
Added a page about a $20 eprom eraser I've been using. Read about it here.
I've documented the Space Invaders Test Rom and created a quick hack so that it will work on Space Encounters PCBs. Read more about it here.

September 14, 2007

Currently Working On :
The past week I've been working on the Targ and Spectar boardsets that I bought in August. I've started on a stack of five Color Adapter PCBs. The Exidy manuals are quite informative and I'm documenting any additional info I figure out to make troubleshooting these boards easier in the future. To that end, I've been writing a TARG test ROM for troubleshooting video and sound using a debug version of MAME and a hex editor.

I figured out that the Color Adapter PCBs are not the same between TARG and SPECTAR. The board markings are the same, but the board was modified for SPECTAR. I realized that I have been using a SPECTAR Color adapter with my TARG pcb and the colors are wrong in the picture on the targ page! I'll take some more shots with the correct Color Adapter PCB installed so that the right colors are displayed.

August 1, 2007

New Addition to the Arcade:
Bought a non-working Atari/Kee Games Sprint 2 game today! It's complete except for the PCB. It's pretty dirty too so I'm cleaning it up while I look for a PCB. I also will have to lubricate the shifters. When done, though, I think it will be a nice addition to the arcade. Also bought a couple of untested (but probably not working) Spectar PCBs as well as another untested Targ PCB. I've got three of each now including my working sets. I'll post repair logs for them when I have a chance to look at them further.

July 23, 2007

Web Site News:
The past few weeks I've been working on a United Games Video Five video showing the game, game play, promotional materials, and even video of United Games office building today. A flash video version is now online here.

Currently Working On in the Arcade:
A few days ago my Star Castle sound board started playing the "fireball" sound constantly whenever the machine was on. After pulling the board and using a logic probe on IC1, a 7414 (Hex inverter with schmitt-trigger inputs), I found that pin 2 was stuck low. The input of pin 1 was low and thus the output of pin 2 should have been high. I replaced the 7414 with a new one (and added a socket for good measure) and the problem was fixed.

July 11, 2007

Sorry there haven't been any updates of late. Work, other projects and enjoying the summer are taking up my time. I've also been enjoying playing my games(particularly Head-On), rather than just repairing them!

I do have some things cooking including a few design changes to the site and a better Video 5 video. I bought a Sony A1U HDV camera, so I'll be posting more videos as I shoot and cut them together.

April 29, 2007

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Currently Working On:

March 13, 2007

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Currently Working On:

February 16 , 2007

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Currently Working On:

February 10 , 2007

Web Site News:

Currently Working On:
Just received some full range speakers to replace the bad speakers in my Cinematronics games. I'm also scanning the artwork for Space Encounters for use in Mame.

January 31, 2007

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January 27, 2007

Web Site News:

Currently Working On:
Last night I got two Cinematronics monitors working again. I switched Keltron HV units from a parts monitor and a monitor with a dim tube to two other monitors with bad HV units. Got a nice bright picture up on both. Woo hoo! One will go in my Rip Off machine while the other will probably end up in my Star Castle. Now I just need to find two more working HV units to get my other two monitors going.

January 21, 2007

Web site news:
A cold, work and snow-storm (3 inches is a lot for Portland) took up most of my time this past week. I did get a few updates done on the site:

January 12, 2007

Web site news:
I've added a Cinematronics Section where I'm posting info as I go about fixing my Rip Off, Star Castle, Armor Attack and Tailgunner. I've also added a flash video of a game of Space Encounters. This game is not well emulated and most of the machines out there are broken. Maybe it will inspire someone to better emulate it or fix one of the original arcade machines. Right now you can find the video on the main Space Encounters page.

Currently Working on:
Two Star Castle Sound Boards
Six Cinematronics Monitors :/

January 4, 2007


Web Site News:
Time for some updates. I'm planning on adding more content and doing quite a bit of cleanup here over the next few weeks. I recently added info to the Space Encounters page about replacing the light bulb socket.

I've been scanning some of my artwork for Mr Do's MAME Artwork Page:
So far, I've scanned Stern's Armored Car, Amidar and Strategy-X and Sega's Space Fury bezels for use in MAME.

What I'm currently working on:

That should keep me busy for awhile....