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Astro Fighter
Gremlin and DECO version differences

If you have a DECO version of Astro Fighter, the boards are not totally interchangeable with those from the more common Gremlin version.

Below are the differences as I’ve been able to ascertain.

I/O Board:










DO NOT PLUG a Sega I/O board into a DECO cabinet – It seems to do bad things to the monitor!!

Sega CPU and ROM/Sound board can be switched as matched pairs into a DECO cabinet with the following issues:

  1. The screen is upside down
  2. There is no sound

CPU Board:

Sega board has the following additional changes:
Parts Side:

  1. wire patch: 4L pin 8&9 (wire touches both pins) to 5J pin 3
  2. Leg Lifted 5J pin 3
  3. wire patch: 4L pin 10 to 5J pin 12
  4. trace cut: above #6 at A6
  5. trace cut between legs 10&11 of IC A6
  6. trace bridged with solder from 6H pin 3 to 6F pin 4
  7. trace cut: from 6H pin 4

Solder Side:

  1. Both boards have a wire patch from Edge Connector 3A to 5B pin 7
  2. wire patch: Right side of [Cap 6A] to IC 6A pin 5
  3. wire patch: 6A pin 6 to 4A pin 5
  4. trace cut: 6B between pins 3 and 4
  5. solder bridge 6A pins 3&4
  6. wire patch: Edge Connector 2A to E4 middle of the CPU chip (which has a trace going to pin 7 of E3)
  7. wire patch: Edge Connector 19A to F6 pin 8

ROM Board:
DECO and Gremlin- DE-1022B-2
Sega board has the following additional changes:
Solder Side:

  1. wire patch from M3 pin 14 to Edge Connector 3A
  2. wire patch from M5 pin 2 to Edge Connector 2A

Sound Board:
DECO and Gremlin-DE-0038B-1
Sega board has the following items removed/changed:
Parts Side:

  1. Removed: VR2 a 10K POT similar to VR1
  2. Removed: C78 220mfd @ 16V
  3. Removed: C76 100uf @25V
  4. trace cut between pin 1 of IC15 (the Amp) and + of C76
  5. Removed: C72 220mfd @16V
  6. wire patch from pin 1 of VR2 to (-) side of C78

Solder Side:

  1. wire patch: CNB (Ribbon Connector) Pin 2 to IC3 pin 1
  2. trace cut between CNA (Ribbon Connector) pin 1 and IC 3 pin 1
  3. trace cut at CNB pin 1